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Curbside Pickup - general information

Curbside pickup is available as a free service for local customers. While the system automatically suggests a 24-hour turnaround time, we prepare pickup orders almost immediately during store hours. If you place an order after we close for the evenin

I placed an order for shipping. Can I change to curbside pickup?

Just send us an email (or contact us via our chatbot) and we can change your order delivery method. Please note that we cannot edit the notification email that you will receive when your order is fulfilled. So when your order is ready for pickup, you

Does it ready take 24 hours to fulfill a curbside pickup order?

Not usually, no!. We fulfill curbside pickup orders almost immediately during store hours. If we've gone home for the night, we will prepare it as soon as we're back in the shop in the morning. The system just didn't have an option we could select be